St Neots Tories Shocked At Town Council Grant News

St Neots Conservatives were today critical of the news that the Liberal Democrat led St Neots Town Council had awarded funding to a playgroup that excluded British parents and children from attending on the basis of their race.


Conservative Councillor, Paul Ursell commented,


‘I am astonished that in today’s society it is felt appropriate to provide services on the basis of race.  I recall that when Making Links came to the Town Council and asked for their grant, the Conservative Group questioned who would have access to the group and were subsequently accused of having racist undertones to our comments.’


Andy Jennings, Conservative Action Team member for Eaton Socon added,


‘This story seems absurd and has made St Neots Town Council the laughing stock of the nation.  I thought that this kind of attitude had died a death sometime ago and we are shocked an appalled that British children and mothers are not allowed to mix with other ethnicities.’


Simon Burton, the Constituency Organiser for the Huntingdon Constituency said,


‘It seems strange that the Liberal Democrats have been complicit in what can only be considered segregation by the back-door.


‘I recall that when he was selected a year ago the Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman, Martin Land, accused the Conservative Party of being full of ‘closet racists’.  Given that his party control the Town Council and have done for many years, his comments now seem even more ridiculous than they did at the time they were first made.’