Litter minimisation project piloted in St Neots

Huntingdonshire District Council has chosen St Neots as the first market town in the district to have recycling ‘on the go’ bins installed in the town centre, in a bid to support ongoing environmental project goals and the Council’s green agenda commitments.

Following evaluation of; the efficiency of existing waste disposal facilities and surveys on footfall, usage and location, 11 recycling stations have been set up for trial. Consideration was also taken by looking at litter hotspots. Quarterly surveys are to follow to identify whether there has been a reduction in the volume of waste to landfill and the ability to monitor the volume of street recycling – indicators of public behaviour changes.

The new bins – which aim to turn litter into recycling and ensuring litter ends up in the ‘correct’ bin comprise of containers for cans, plastic bottles and general waste in the following locations:

  • High Street
  • Moores Walk

Following a successful pilot, the Council aims to expand into other areas of the town.

Councillor Ryan Fuller, Executive Leader said: “This is a great opportunity for St Neots to trailblaze street recycling. Currently, no litter is recycled from on-street bins and it is estimated that 55-65% of litter within high street general waste bins is recyclable, so we hope to start capitalising on this great opportunity.

“By installing the additional bins across the town centre, this pilot will provide an increase of over 40% in waste and recycling capacity throughout the high street.”

Outside the scope of the litter minimisation projects, the Council has a longstanding focus on clearing up and continues to support a growing number of Community Litter Pick activities. If you would like to organise your own litter pick, please email: