District Councillors

Cllr Jason Ablewhite - St Ives East                     

Councillor Jason David Ablewhite

Ward: St Ives East

Vice-Chairman, Development Management Committee

Correspondance address: 

Care of Huntingdonshire District Council 
Pathfinder House
St Mary's Street

Phone:  01480 388388 (Council Line)

Email: Jason.Ablewhite@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Richard Bellamy - St Ives East

Councillor Richard Ernest Bellamy

Ward: St Ives East

Home Address:

66 Ramsey Road 
St. Ives
PE27 3XL

Phone:  01480 352641
Mobile:  07780 359032

Email: Richard.Bellamy@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Link to details of Councillor John Winston Davies                   

Councillor John Winston Davies

Ward: St Ives South

Vice-Chairman of the Council

Home address: 

34 Westbury Road
St. Ives
PE27 6DN

Phone:  01480 469178
Email:  John.Davies@huntingdonshire.gov.uk    


Cllr Douglas Dew - Hemmingford Grey & Houghton

Councillor Douglas Bernard Dew

Ward: The Hemingfords

Chairman, Overview and Scrutiny (Economy and Growth)

Home address: 
4 Weir Road
Hemingford Grey
PE28 9EH

Phone:  01480 469814
Email:  Douglas.Dew@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Angie Dickinson - St Ives South

Councillor Ms Angie Dickinson

Ward: St Ives South

Home address: 
Priory Holme
Priory Road
St Ives
PE27 5BB

Phone:  01480 495445
Email:  Angie.Dickinson@huntingdonshire.gov.uk           


Cllr Ryan Fuller - St Ives West


Councillor Ryan Fuller

Ward: St Ives West

Deputy Executive Leader and Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet, Executive Councillor for Housing, Planning and Economic Development

Home address:

8 Sarah Grace Court
New Road
St Ives
PE27 5DS

Phone:  01480 388311
Email:  Ryan.Fuller@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Dr Laurence Gaskin - St Neots Priorit Park & Little Paxton

Councillor Dr Philip Laurence Roy Gaskin

Ward: St Neots Priory Park & Little Paxton

Vice Chairman, Corporate Governance Committee

Home address: 

60 Red Admiral Court 
Little Paxton
St Neots
PE19 6BU

Phone:  01480 535755
Email:  Philip.Gaskin@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Jonathan Gray - Kimbolton

Councillor Jonathan Alexander Gray

Ward: Kimbolton

Executive Councillor for Resources

Home address: 

Vine Cottage 
2 Station Road
PE28 0PE

Phone:  01832 710799
Email: Jonathan.Gray@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Norman Keane - Hemmingford Grey & Houghton

Councillor David Norman Keane

Ward: Hemingford Grey & Houghton

Home address: 

1 Bells Villas 
Mill Street
PE28 2BA

Phone:  01480 467147
Email: David.Keane@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Hamish Masson - Buckden

Councillor Hamish Vaughan Masson

Ward: Buckden

Home address: 

8 High Street 
PE19 5XA

Phone:  01480 811117
Mobile:  07876 035941
Email: Hamish.Masson@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr David Mead - Fenstanton

Councillor David Jonathan Mead

Ward: Fenstanton

Home address: 

14 Hilton Road 
PE28 9LJ

Phone:  07715 002020
Email: David.Mead@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Keith Prentice - St Neots Priory Park & Little Paxton

Councillor Keith Ivan Prentice

Ward: St Neots Priory Park & Little Paxton

Vice-Chairman. Overview and Scrutiny Panel (Customers and Partnerships)

Home address: 

2 Ushers Court 
89 Great North Road
Eaton Socon
St Neots
PE19 8EL

Phone:  01480 214838
Email: Keith.Prentice@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Councillor Darren Marcus Tysoe

Councillor Darren Marcus Tysoe

Councillor Darren Marcus Tysoe

Ward: Great Staughton

Executive Councillor for Digital and Customer

Home address:  

Grove Cottage 
Malting Lane
PE28 0AA

Phone:  01480 388310
Email: Darren.Tysoe@huntingdonshire.gov.uk



Cllr David Wells - St Neots East

Councillor David John Wells

Ward: St Neots East

Home address: 

14 Dixy Close 
St. Neots
PE19 6BA

Phone:  01480 211629
Email: David.Wells@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Councillor Richard John West

Councillor Richard John West

Ward: Great Paxton

Chairman of the Council and Chairman of Employment Committee

Home address: 

40 Silver Street 
St Neots
PE19 5TS

Phone:  01480 811467
Email: il:  Richard.West@huntingdonshire.gov.uk


Cllr Jim White - Alconbury

Councillor Jim White

Ward: Alconbury 

Home address: 

49 High Street 
PE28 0TD

Phone:  01480 890451
Email: Jim.White@huntingdonshire.gov.uk