Conservative Group Manifesto - HDC Elections 2022

Dear Resident,

Huntingdonshire is one of the best places to live in the country. It’s a thriving and prosperous district known for its strong community, historic market towns, charming rural setting, excellent parks and natural spaces - as well as a high-performing local economy with good jobs and economic opportunities. Altogether, these attributes provide an exceptional quality of life for those of us lucky enough to call Huntingdonshire home.

But it all requires more than luck to achieve; it takes careful stewardship by those who have an ambitious positive vision for our area. Huntingdonshire is seeing the benefits of such Conservative stewardship of the District Council, and the ambitions that my Conservative colleagues and I are delivering for the residents of our district. Conservative led Huntingdonshire District Council is recognised nationally as a low-tax, high-performing council that punches well above its weight in the quality of services we deliver and both the natural and economic environments we have helped to create to ensure that Huntingdonshire thrives.

HDC collects council tax on behalf of the Police, Fire, County Council and Town/Parish Councils. Just 7% of the council tax you pay actually goes to HDC. That means that the average council taxpayer is charged £150.86 per year or just £2.90 per week for all the services that HDC delivers. Of the 181 District Councils across England, HDC had the 18th lowest council tax charge for 2021/22. We were also one of only 19 District Councils in the entire country to freeze its council tax as the country was recovering after one of the worst phases of the pandemic. Huntingdonshire residents still pay less council tax than the residents of neighbouring South Cambridgeshire, Cambridge City and Fenland. The amount you pay for HDC’s services has only risen by 25p a week since the last council elections in 2018 - less than the average increase in both state pension and wages.

Conservative councils generally charge lower tax than Labour, Lib-Dem, Green and independent led councils whilst delivering more through focusing on the issues and services that matter most to residents. You don’t have to look too far away to neighbouring Lib-Dem led South Cambridgeshire District Council to find a council in disarray, with bin collections cancelled for months on end, maximum council tax increases levied every year and no published financial accounts since 2018. The ‘independent’ and Labour councillors supporting the Lib-Dem led coalition running the County Council aren't proving to be much better - supporting maximum council tax increases that by the end of their four year term will have added hundreds of pounds to residents’ annual council tax bills. Let’s not risk all that happening here in Huntingdonshire.

Your vote really matters because who gets elected locally directly determines the priorities and direction of the council, the delivery of services you receive and the quality of life you enjoy in Huntingdonshire. These are local elections about local issues, and when voting you’re not expressing a view on national matters or sending a message to the Government; you’re directly deciding on the future of Huntingdonshire. We can’t risk going backwards by introducing the chaos seen elsewhere in areas run by the likes of the Lib-Dems and so-called ‘independents’ who once elected drop their independence and vote with Labour and the Lib-Dems.

The following pages set out in detail what we intend to do over the next four years. I hope that you share our positive and achievable vision for Huntingdonshire and will support us in delivering it by voting for your local Conservative candidates on Thursday 5 May to protect everything we value most about our district.

With best wishes.

Cllr Ryan Fuller

Leader of Huntingdonshire District Council


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